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Style Gallery Intro

Welcome to the Style Gallery!  

These pages show how you can apply different layouts and styles to get different effects, all with exactly the same content.

We can provide any of these styles, or any other style that suits you needs.  With Zero Maintenance Websites, is is very easy, as we do the layout, you do the content.

How to use the style Gallery

All our sites are Responsive, which means the layout changes to suit different sizes of screen.

If you adjust the size of this page or view it on a mobile phone, the layout will adjust to give you the best view for that size.



Responsive Sites

To use the style Gallery, select any of the menu options to see different colours, layouts and styles.  

Notice how things move around - the menus, the "breadcrumbs" (the line that says "you are here Home/ Gallery/Text etc) and the articles themselves.

We recommend you click on each menu item in turn to see how the site changes.

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